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Bare Dreams is a unique band.

Formed in the melting pot of Tel Aviv, talented musicians and songwriters, they draw influence from a burgeoning alternative culture, personal experience and their complex surroundings to deliver an energetic, engaging and emotive sound.

Founded in 2016 by Eldar Moshe (Drums), Itay Aviv (Vocals), Itamar Hayuth (Bass) and Roee Berezowitz (Guitar), the band gathered instant recognition in their homeland following the release of their debut EP ‘Au Revoir’ and played a number of sell out shows around the country. 
At the time, the online music press drew favourable comparisons with acts such as ‘Paramore’ and ‘Jimmy Eat World’. 

Keen to maintain their trajectory, Bare Dreams travelled to the UK in August 2018 to work with producer Neil D. Kennedy (Creeper, Milk Teeth, Boston Manor) to work on the follow up to ‘Au Revoir’. This forthcoming release demonstrates the band’s progression and musicality with four dynamic new tracks.


Flouting preconceptions, Bare Dreams live up to their name: a naked ambition to entertain.